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"The featurette was narrated by Tom Cruise, but the real star of the show is the Positron Voyager Chair. Motion was very smooth and motors were surreally quiet."    - Engadget

New VR technology lets you experience plane crash with Tom Cruise

Near the beginning of the new action film "The Mummy," Tom Cruise and co-star Annabelle Wallis are sent tumbling around inside an air freighter as it drops out of the sky amid a crash.

The Mummy Zero Gravity VR Experience Coming to The Shop at NBC Studios in NYC

During the recent South By Southwest (SXSW) conference in Austin, Texas, Universal Pictures, IMAX and engineering firm Positron premiered a virtual reality (VR) experience based on the new Tom Cruise movie The Mummy. Now The Mummy Zero Gravity Stunt VR Experience is getting a much more public outing, coming to The Shop at NBC Studios in New York City this month.

We went hands on with the Positron Voyager cinematic VR chair - here's what we thought - Andrew Lucas Studios

As a team that works 24/7 with virtual reality, there aren't many VR novelties that get us genuinely excited. Sure, we're always willing to try out a different headset or experiment with new software that might make our developers' lives easier, but it's rare that we come across something that promises to be a real game-changer.

CinemaCon Panel: VR's Success "Starts With Story and It Starts With Writing"

Urging Hollywood and the exhibition community to explore the potential of virtual reality, Fox futurist Ted Schilowitz asserts, "We're getting to the point when you are able to wear a theme park on your head. ... We shouldn't wait, even if you don't know the business model yet. You learn by doing."

At SXSW, a spider silk tie and a virtual airplane ride with Tom Cruise

While this year's SXSW tech conference still had plenty of the quirky and futuristic charm that has come to define it, inclusivity was a central theme throughout the Austin, Texas show this year. Former Vice President Joe Biden and tech leaders set a serious tone, tackling some of the most pressing issues facing society right now.

The Shape Of Things To Come? AT&T Rolls Out The Red Carpet In Hollywood

I had the opportunity to spend two days with AT&T at its Shape Tech & Entertainment Expo. Over 10,000 attendees got a glimpse into the backlots of Warner Bros Studios and what AT&T has in store as its acquisition of Time Warner is expected to close in the fall around Labor Day.

Real Estate, Movies, Retail: VR Is Exploding. The Opportunities for Entrepreneurs Are Huge.

The first time I watched an alien newborn claw its way out of a human's belly -- with blood and guts gushing -- was 38 years ago, in a Boston cinema. The movie, of course, was Ridley Scott's Alien, and I was so tense and unhinged at the uber-violent, boundary-pushing scene that I practically broke my boyfriend's arm.

From Space Invaders to bacon nacho cheese: The extras that rocked CinemaCon

LAS VEGAS - CinemaCon 2017 was much more than the movies we're going to see in theaters this year. The trade show unveiled an arsenal of extras intended to lure filmgoers - from virtual reality plane crashes with Tom Cruise to hot nacho-cheese flavors for concession stands to giant Space Invaders games for the lobby.

We Tried 'The Mummy' VR Zero Gravity Experience - VRScout

Share TweetFlying high with Tom Cruise in this VR "weightless" experience. Taking a walk inside the replica plane and past the infamous sarcophagus from The Mummy movie, I was expecting the film's VR companion experience to be just another Hollywood movie BTS 360 video - but it was from that.

The Mummy Zero Gravity VR Experience At SXSW Conference

"IMAX have partnered with engineering firm Positron to create the world’s first full-motion chair designed for cinematic VR called Voyager. Twenty Voyager units will have their motion choreographed together to deliver The Mummy Zero Gravity VR Experience. The pairing of motion effects with VR is known to eliminate the effects of motion sickness that occur for some VR users."

Five cool things from SXSW: Starz, The Mummy VR experience, Mexico's 'tug of hope' and more

"The Mummy combines individual moving pods with headsets and headphones to enhance the VR experience of zero G. This fully immersive experience raises the bar for movie going."

Voyager, World’s First Cinematic VR Chair, to Debut at the 2017 Sundance Film Festival®

PARK CITY, Utah--()-- Positron, a virtual reality technology studio in Los Angeles, announced today that it will mark its Festival debut with Voyager, the first cinematic, full-motion VR chair platform, at the 2017 edition of New Frontier at the Sundance Film Festival, January 19-29 in Park City.

SXSW2017 - The Mummy VR, une idée folle de Tom Cruise en 360

"The Mummy VR takes you on a 4D seat developed by the company Positron, making (gently) feel the different descents of the actors and the technical team. At the heart of the sequence, we discover the whole installation, without undergoing the physical test in itself."

Virtual reality @ SXSW

"[Fisftul of Stars] shatters conventional immersive boundaries. It does this by coupling a VR headset with a Positron Voyager Chair, which rotates, spins and tilts to give you a sense of complete weightlessness."

'The Mummy' Reboot Update: Positron, Universal Pictures Collaborate to Bring 'Zero Gravity VR Experience,' Users Upset

"The VR seat company Positron and Universal Pictures worked together to bring a different kind of virtual reality experience called "Zero Gravity VR Experience." The event took place at the recent SXSW 2017 and featured the film company's upcoming movie, "The Mummy" Reboot."

SXSW 2017: We Took on The Mummy Zero Gravity VR Experience - Dread Central

"The pods, which were Positron Voyagers, were shaped like those egg chairs that were seen in moves like Men in Black, and each contained a VR headset and headphones...The chairs we sat in would tilt, raise, lower, and turn along with the movements in the video, giving a similar feel as if I were actually in the plane."

Take a ride on Positron's Voyager, a full-motion chair for VR cinema

"Watching Tom Cruise embark on a dangerous mission aboard a zero-gravity plane sounds terrifying enough, but experiencing it next to him in a motion simulator is next-level. Thanks to Positron's Voyager, a full-motion chair designed for cinematic VR, I got to do just that."